2500W Car Power Inverter – 12V to 230V – Pure Sine Wave – 2 Outputs + USB – TED Electric

High quality, reliable inverter that converts 12V DC from a car battery to 230V AC to power up consumer electronics. Charge any device (laptops, household electronics, TVs, etc.) on the go. Portable design: easy to store & transport.

Product code: TED000392

Technical Specification


2500 W

Peak Power

5000 W

Input Voltage

12 V

Output Voltage / Frequency

230 V / 50 Hz

Wave Form

Pure Sine Wave

Output Connectors

2 x Schuko + 1 x USB

Dimensions (L x W x H)

415 x 165 x 82 mm


7.2 kg

Application & Use

Used to run electrical devices and appliances that typically operate on AC power while on the go.




Trucks & Vans


Boats & Vessels


Remote Locations

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