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TED Electric The Energy Doctor is based on our shareholders professional experience of over 25 years. We are willing to ensure a warranty term of over 2 years for the AGM batteries, VRLA batteries, High Rate, GEL batteries which are used in medical equipments, aeronautics, UPS, smoke and gas detection systems, home monitoring, motorhomes, caravans, jetski, motorboats, power trolley, lifting platforms, cleaning / scrubbing machines, forklift, golf carts, electric scorecards, electric trolleys, wheelchairs, mobility devices, lawn mowers, motorbikes, automatic control, wind and solar power systems, emergency light, cable television, portable measuring equipments, vending machines, renewable energy, aircraft and railway systems, military equipment, toys, fire and security systems.
The continuous development of information technology and telecommunications, requires that the energy management systems should be more reliable and efficient.
TED Electric

The products we offer and develop are part of the batteries category, rechargeable battery, lead acid, Ni-Cd, Ni-MH, lithium batteries, automotive, motorbyke, cyclic, consumer batteries, alkaline, super alkaline, ultra alkaline, digi alcaline, high voltage batteries, LiSOCl2, watch batteries.
We provide electrical products worldwide. Our objective is to grow alongside our clients and trying to offer complete range for consumer market and energetic solutions for all types of applications.
TED Batteries is adressing the clients from Europe who purchase minimum one pallet (1000Kg and maximum 1500Kg / pallet) of products. We grant exclusivity for two years, for our loyal partners who buy a minimum of 20 tons / year we grant the status of "exclusive dealer".

AGM TED1276F2 12V 7,6A
AGM TED1225F1 12V 2,5A
Mouse TED-17
Gas boiler UPS
Mouse TED-36
AGM TED1213HRF2 12V 13A High Rate

If you buy branded TED batteries, you buy a fully tested battery (each battery delivered is individually tested). We are experienced and we feel responsible for our customers satisfaction.
TED (The Energy Doctor) Electric is willing to help its European partners & clients with high quality products.

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