JY(st)Y-mb Fire cable – 2 x 2 x 0.8 mm Copper / 75 ohms / Fireproof PVC Coating – TED Electric

Category: SKU: A0115392 / A0115393

Ted Electric’s fireproof JY(st)Y-mb cable is designed to withstand extreme heat temperatures while ensuring the safety of your critical applications. Sold at 100 m / 500 m roll. Contact for more information.

Product code: TED002464 / TED002471

Technical Specification

Cable Type

JY(st)Y-mb Fire Cable


1 x 2 x 0.8 mm Full Copper


Aluminum Foil


Fireproof PVC

Electric Resistence

75 Ohms/km

Minimum Bending Radius

80 mm


68 kg/km


100 m/roll

Application & Use

This cable is designed to maintain its functionality for a specific duration during a fire; Commonly used in buildings and installations where the continuity of electrical circuits is crucial for safety, emergency response, or the preservation of critical functions.


Emergency Systems

Data Centers


Hospitals & Laboratories

Security Camera Systems

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