5200VA 3000W Servomotor Voltage Stabilizer – LCD Display – 3 x Outputs – TED Electric

Single phase voltage regulator / stabilizer using servomotor technology for accurate stabilization & wide voltage range control. It provides 230V output & protects any electronic equipment from voltage faults & spikes. MCU controlled circuit & pure copper windings ensures maximum reliability. It offers 2 Schuko outputs and terminal block. Intuitive LCD display conveys essential parameters. Delay time is set to 6s.

Product code: TED000200

Technical Specification


5200 VA / 3000 W

Input Voltage / Frequency

140-260 VAC / 45-65 Hz

Output Voltage / Frequency

230 VAC / 50 Hz

Output Precision


Output Connectors

2 x Schuko + 1 x Terminal Block

Wave Form

Pure Sine Wave

Dimensions (L x W x H)

302 x 260 x 146 mm


11.4 kg

Noise Level

< 20 dB

Application & Use

SVC servomotor voltage stabilizers are ideal for specialized sensitive electronic equipment in fields that require precise output and high quality control: data centers, medical facilities, telecommunications, manufacturing processes and many others.

Audio-Visual Equipment


CNCs, Robotics


MRI, CT scanners


HVAC Systems

Komplet 6 Protection

Komplet 6 is TED Electric's safety standard. We offer extensive protection for our products & your electronic devices 

Over Voltage

Under Voltage



Short Circuit


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