5000VA 4000W Station Voltage Transformer – 230V to 110V / 115V – 4 Outputs – TED Electric

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TED Electric station transformer converts 230V AC current to stable 110 / 115 V AC allowing you to safely plug a 110V / 115 V electronic in a 230V socket. It features reversible option (110/115V to 230V). Transformer has 3 universal output sockets + terminal block.

Product code: TED000255

Technical Specification


5000 VA / 4000 W

Input Voltage / Frequency

230 V / 50 Hz

Output Voltage / Frequency

110 – 115 V / 50 Hz

Output Connectors

3 x US Outputs + 1 x Terminal Block

Dimensions (L x W x H)

285 x 190 x 201 mm


13.6 kg

Application & Use

230V to 110V transformers are used in various circumstances for powering devices and equipment designed to operate at 110V.


Imported Electronics


Medical Equipment


Testing & Prototyping

Specialized IT Equipment

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