2200VA 1250W UPS Line Interactive – LCD Display – 3 x Outputs – TED Electric

Line Interactive UPS is an uninterruptible power supply used as back-up to protect your electronic devices during black-outs or other electric faults like voltage fluctuations. It is user friendly & easy to use. It provides stable (integrated AVR) 230V output through Schuko sockets. Remote management via USB for Windows, Linux, Unix & BSD. Intelligent Start-up in DC mode (Cold Start Function).

Product code: TED001610

Technical Specification


3100 VA / 1800 W

Input Voltage / Frequency

140-290 VAC / 45-65 Hz

Output Voltage / Frequency

230 VAC / 50 Hz

Output Connectors

3 x Schuko

Wave Form

Simulated Sine Wave

Power Factor / Transfer Time

0.6 / <9 ms

Battery Type

4 x 12 V / 9.0 Ah

Back-up Time (120W)

135 min.

Dimensions (L x W x H)

395 x 145 x 210 mm


20 kg

Noise Level

<40 dB

Remote Management


Application & Use

The intermediate level UPS, Line Interactive is ideal for home use, small businesses & departmental servers. This is the best value for money power solution due to it’s high reliability & efficiency.

Office Equipment

Servers & Networks

Household Electronics

Security Systems

Komplet 6 Protection

Komplet 6 is TED Electric's safety standard. We offer extensive protection for our products & your electronic devices 

Over Voltage

Under Voltage



Short Circuit


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