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TED Batteries High Rate GEL AGM VRLATED Batteries High Rate GEL AGM VRLA
 TED Batteries High Rate GEL AGM VRLA
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 TED Batteries High Rate GEL AGM VRLA
 TED Batteries High Rate GEL AGM VRLA

6000VA 3U Rackmount LCD UPS

Singlephase 6000VA 3U Rackmount LCD UPS

Smart battery management
Intelligent startup in DC mode (cold start function)
Online static bypass, zero transfer time
Pure sine wave output
LCD Display
High protection for overload
Auto restart while AC is recovering
High Reliability Microprocessor Control
Automatic recharge, off mode charging

Model: TED-6000RM
Display: LCD
Power: 6000VA / 5400W
Input Voltage range: 120V - 300V AC
Input Frequency range: 45Hz - 55Hz
Output Voltage Regulation (battery mode): 230V +/-1.5% AC
Output Frequency range (battery mode): 50Hz +/- 0.15%
Transfer time: <0ms 3:1
Waveform (battery mode): pure sine wave / 0.9
Internal batteries: no
Requires external battery pack: yes
Battery type and number: 16 x 12V 7Ah TED Battery Experts
Backup time (typical load): 10 minutes
Typical recharge time: < 5 hours
Full protection: Protect surge, overload, discharge, overcharge and short circuit
Output receptacles: 1 x Schuko CEE 7/3 + terminal block
Dimensions D x W x H (mm): 437 x 468 x h (3U + 2U)
Net weight: 55 kg
Operating humidity / temperature: 0 - 90% / 0 - 40 degrees centigrade
Noise level: less than 50 dB

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